Chair Risers – A Safe and Simple Way to Elevate Chairs, Beds and Sofas With Low Seats

chair risers

Chair risers provide a safe and simple way to elevate chairs, beds and sofas that have low seats. These blocks can be placed under the legs of a chair, bed or sofa to raise the height by up to 10cm to help prevent issues such as back pain and poor posture. They can also help people with GERD and other conditions to reduce their reflux symptoms.

Increasing the height of furniture is a great way to increase storage space and improve safety at home, particularly for seniors who may not be able to bend down as far as they once could. These sturdy blocks of multi-laminated plywood are adjustable from three inches to six inches in height and are latex free. They are ideal for use at home, college dorms and apartments.

Achieve greater storage under your furniture by raising the height of your chairs, beds or sofas with these convenient and versatile risers. They are easy to install under the legs of any piece of furniture, including beds, sofas, chairs and tables. They are perfect for congested rooms with limited storage space, helping to maximize the usefulness of your furniture in a small room.

They will also help those with arthritis or other conditions to stand up from a seated position without bending down too far. They can also be used for those with limited mobility to raise a desk or work table to a more comfortable height, which can reduce back pain and improve productivity. They are also helpful for those who have trouble standing up from a reclining chair.

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