Modern Style Quotes For Designers

modern style quotes

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned designer, quotes can be the best way to get the juices flowing. Using different fonts, sizes, colors and even formats, they’re great for adding some texture to your designs.

The following articles highlight some of the most interesting modern style quotes from top designers and industry leaders. Each of these quotes are sure to inspire you and help you in your next project.

Generally, the best approach to handling a quote in a design is to place it in its own block or paragraph and make it clear that it is not part of the main text passage. This technique is called “quotes-neighbours”. It is usually the most effective and easiest for the reader to follow as it doesn’t break the flow of the article.

In some cases, though, a quote needs to be a more dominant design element. These are known as “blockquotes” and they usually cite some external source that isn’t already mentioned in the article. They’re often used in testimonials where companies present quotes from their customers and clients. The standard way to design these is to use a large, bold font and make them stand out in order to clearly communicate that the quotation isn’t part of the main text passage.

Another issue with this approach is that it can be confusing for readers, especially if the pull quote suddenly appears in the middle of some other content. It can also be problematic for readers who rely on plain HTML or on screen readers for visually impaired users. The other option is to use indentation for the quotation. This is the most common and it works well if the quotes don’t appear too often in an article. It’s important not to use too many of them, however, as this can be confusing for the reader and it will break the flow of the text passage.

This graphic design quote from American graphic designer Paul Sahre is an interesting one because it highlights the fact that a good designer should be selfish. This is because if they’re not being selfish, they’ll be churning out work that isn’t very good. It’s a great quote to remind yourself of when you start feeling like you’re not being as creative as you could be.

Fashion quotes

Virgil Abloh, Jonathan Anderson and Marc Jacobs are just some of the famous designers that have provided us with some amazing fashion quotes that you can live by. These quotes cover all sorts of topics and themes, from fashion as escapism to what style really is. From the classics like Coco Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent, these fashion quotes are bound to give you some inspiration for your next project.

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