Inventor Styles

style and select

The Styles tab in Inventor lets you create, modify, and save styles that can be applied to objects or the document. You can also import and export existing styles.

Creating and Editing Styles in Inventor

A style is a predefined combination of text formatting that can be applied to any text. You can apply a style to any text in the document, or you can use it to change several things in your document at once.

Styles help you quickly format your documents with a consistent look and feel. They can be used to change font styles, size, color, and other elements in your documents. You can even create your own custom styles for specific parts of a document or to use in an online publication.

The Styles group in the home tab ribbon includes a visual menu called the Styles gallery, which shows all of the styles currently applied to text in your document. Click a style to view its properties, and then select the text to which it should be applied.

Modifying a Style in Inventor

When you modify a style, all instances of that style in the document are updated automatically. You can modify the style by right clicking the style in the styles group on the home tab ribbon or using the dropdown menu in the styles pane and selecting Modify. You can also use the Style Override feature to override a specific part of a style, such as a character or paragraph style.

Override a Heading and Paragraph Styles in Inventor

In large documents with many headings, you may need to update the format of one or more headings. For example, if you want to change the font, color, and other aspects of the default Heading style, you can do so by changing that style on the home tab ribbon for each level in your document.

You can also update the format of an individual heading by right clicking the heading for that level on the home tab ribbon and selecting “Update Heading to Match Selection.” If you have indicated more headings of that level in your document, they will all be updated to match the format you just changed.

Styling a Select with CSS in Inventor

A select> is a button-like control that lets you choose one or more items in a list box. While this is a common part of web pages, it’s one of the most difficult parts of web development to style with CSS because of its complex nature and how it varies between browsers.

Luckily, in 2018, the Filament Group published a blog post and CSS code snippet that showed how to style a select> across all major browsers. While this is still experimental, it’s a lot easier to get form controls like select>s to look the same across browsers than it was in 2018.

Style & Select in Inventor

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